Inflatable Darts Game Review

Carnival Games Booth

So recently the team bought a NEW “toy” from our supplier. And it came in pretty quickly (about 7 days)! We unboxed the inflatable and started to test the game:

What’s inside our Inflatable Darts Game?

The supplier gave us 10 Cone Darts! Thats actually very generous because we remember the product description says 5. It also comes with an industrial standard blower. We tested the blower, leaving it operating for over 4 hour, all good!

Finally the inflatable dart board. It’s very well built. The surface of the dart board is actually an entire surface of velcro. And the bottom of the cone darts are also velcro-ed.

Our boss (standing next to the inflatable dart board) is about 160cm in height. The dartboard is approx 220cm in height.

Our Ratings:

Difficulty: 3/5 (Suitable for children 4 & up, adults can play too!)

Quality: 5/5 (Pretty well built!)

Portability: 4/5 (It’s inflatable therefore its collapsible, easy to transport!)