Live food stations Singapore

Bring live food stations to your event at a affordable rate!

Carnival Empire offered wide range of food stations that cater to all kind of events from small private party to corporate events, road show and more. Live food stalls also a attraction to gather crowd, after all, food bring us together!

Let’s take a look some of our popular live food booths.

Popcorn and candy floss

One of the most popular and all time favourite snacks. You shouldn’t miss this!

Kacang puteh

One of the popular snacks for pre-event session. Various choice of nuts available to suit your taste buds.

Chocolate fountain

If you have a sweet tooth this is for you! coat your favourite snacks with our delicious melted chocolate that you just wanna to have more.

Nicely display of snacks and multi-tier of chocolate fountain, simply add points to your event!

Churros live station

This gonna conquer your taste bud! Crispy outside and soft inside, coated with cinnamon sugar mixture.

Ice cream cart

This will make you come back for more! without saying Ice cream is the best dessert for sure! especially during the hot weather season, you will just feel like having one of it.

Serving various flavours to suit your personal preference.

If you would like to have live food stations at your next event, wait no more! Find out more live food stations available.

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Looking forward to see you at your event!