Alibaba Singapore 11 11 countdown party

Alibaba’s 11 11 needs no intro

Singles’ Day rose to prominence when Alibaba successfully launched its first shopping festival on that day in 2009; now re-branded as 11/11, the event boasts over 200,000 participating brands—up from 60,000 in 2017 and just 27 in 2009.

It has become by far and away the largest shopping event in the world, raking in just over $30 billion in gross merchandise volume last year—and sales are expected to hit $37 billion by that same metric this year, according to Forrester Forecasts.

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Fun fact, the story of a $25 billion shopping day starts with Pocky

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Before the big day, the Singapore team decided to throw a little countdown party!

We provided carnival snacks for them, such as Kacang Puteh, Popcorns, Cup-corns and more.

Rent Carnival Food Stalls?

Carnival Food Stall

Once again, thank you for having us!