Appreciation Through Service Carnival 2018

In celebration of International Volunteer Day, Heartware Network is organising a carnival to celebrate the contributions of youth volunteers to the various communities in Singapore.

Date: 8 December 2018, Saturday

Time: 11.30am to 4.30pm

Venue: ITE College Central, Tay Eng Soon Convention Centre

The event, named Appreciation Through Service Carnival, aims to provide another platform for youth volunteers to serve the needs of the various communities, as well as a platform for Heartware Network to appreciate the commitment of their youth volunteers for their service to community in 2018. At the same time, Heartware Network would also like to take this time to appreciate organisations under President’s Challenge, for giving the youth opportunities to serve in their organisations.

These were the list of carnival booths provided:

Pale Bucket:

Received most feedback due to the high difficulty in an attempt to win the big prize. Reason being is that not many people know the skill and method it takes to win the game. This game does not have an easy win is because most people resort to the forehand toss. This would cause the ball to simply bounce out of the bucket despite the fact that the ball did enter the bucket at first glance. The key to winning is to use another method to toss the ball into the bucket. Of course, the strength applied and the angle of how you throw the ball would also play a big part to how you win the game. Although we receive many feedback about how difficult it is to win, it is still challenged by many members of the public.

Inflatable basketball:

Another well received game by the public as they are easy to score a win at. Both the ball and loop is big, making it for the player to have better control on how to land a goal.

Milk can toss:

One of the easiest game to win~

Balloon darts:

One of the hardest station to win apart for pale bucket. This game requires high precision and good aiming to pop a balloon. Not to mention, the force you put when throwing the dart. The lack of force during the throw, might not result in the the balloon to pop, but rather it would only result in your dart bouncing off or the balloon simply falling of the net. Key to winning includes having a good aim as well as good throwing force.

Both inflatable dart and inflatable ring toss have a average score in winning as the key to winning is the angle of how the player throws the dart/ ring. This is because the angle of how the dart/ ring are tossed would decide if they would be able to land accurately onto the target. Getting a few more practice in the area of how you angle your throw to get taste of the water, one might easily become the master of the game~