Arcade Machine Rental

Yes we rent arcade machines!

Carnival empire rents arcade machines to corporate events, family days and even weddings. These machines will add so much live and fun for your event!

Celebrate the good old days, where we often visit local arcades after school or during weekends. With that limited budget we have on hand, we spend every dollar on our favourite game so wisely… those were the days! (How nostalgic…)

Classic Basketball Arcade Machine

Punch Arcade Machine

The perfect game for a group of guys to compete high scores of strength!

Football Table

Fun game for family and friends!

Retro Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Fast Hands (Super Fun)

Bishi Bashi (Super Popular)

Crazy Crocodile

Kids friendly game, adults love it too!

Piano Blocks

Super fun and addictive music piano game!

Mario Cart


LED Customised Claw Machines

Doll House UFO Claw Catcher (More Designs)

Drop us a call/whatsapp to enquire (BEST PRICE):

Contact Leyeon: 98221312