Art Jamming

Our Art Jamming sessions will be a platform to amplify people’s lives through creativity, inspiration, and to enable new forms of expression and communication! We provide quality, easy to use products and guidance. Art classes/ Art jamming by appointment.

Meet the Artist / Teacher

Neo Kai Wen

Kaiwen is proactively in communicating in large groups. Her specialty is to allow each students to express feelings and thoughts through her method of evoking creative processes!

Corporate Team Bonding

Art classes provide opportunities for team bonding. It guides adults to construct work of arts and express feelings and thoughts through the creative process! A classy and creative team event!

Paint & Pint (Beer)

A successful in-house concept of having beer while having art jamming. “Alcohol is so linked with creativity,” Dr Mathias Benedek

We also work with bistro partners to organise such events at licensed venues.

Kids Art Jamming

Having art jamming sessions for kids helps:

– Enhancing children’s motor skills
– Help students develop aesthetic awareness
– Teach students to use creative process and problem solving skills
– Guide students to search for innovative approaches

Art techniques covered:
– Painting
– Sketching
– Folk Art
– Pointillism
– Abstract art

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