Carnival Games Rental Singapore

Carnival Empire’s Carnival Game Rental

Our game stalls are some of our most rented stalls in our company inventory list. Our rates stayed competitive throughout this year, and till date we have done countless of events for community clubs and private carnivals. Check out the items that we have.

Carnival Game Box

These game boxes are perfect for parties or event with limited space. Game Box is constructed using the flight case as known as ATA case for durability and aesthetic.

These games are an upsize of the Carnival Game Box, deluxe versions may offer a greater variety of challenges or levels of difficulty to keep players entertained and engaged.

Our Carnival Game Booth is a large and elaborate attraction typically found at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, or special events. These games are designed to entertain a large number of participants and often serve as focal points of attraction within the carnival environment.

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Wood Fabrications

Build and customise your very own game stations for your event! We have our in-house wood fabrication team to do it!

Inflatable Games

Inflatable games are colourful and eye catchy. Rent this for any event with kids and families and they will love it!

Sumo Wrestler

Transform into sumo wrestlers with out sumo suits. We will also organise friendly matches for you.

BasketBall Arcade Machine

Looking for modern or retro arcade machines? We have it all!

More Arcade Machines here:

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