Claw Machine Rental

We provide customisation of the design of the UFO claw catcher machine. Brand or company logo could be placed outside and inside of the machine. Send us your design and we will get it done.

BEST item for roadshows, company product launch, school carnival, and more others…

(ALL NEW!) 3 Screen Multimedia Claw Machine

This is perfect for branding events and roadshows. You can display your company video or photo on this one and only multimedia toy catcher machine. No one else has it, cause we created it!

Doll House

Arcade Claw Machine is FUN!

BEST game for all ages! The fun and excitement of getting the prize keep the crowd satisfy and keep them coming back for more.

Retro Machines

LED Claw Machine Customization

Capsule Ball Machine

Looking for more Lucky Draw Equipment??

Download our Full Catalogue below:

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