Gazebo Game Booths | Pasar Malam Style

The Super Mom Event

We were tasked to design “Pasar Malam” style carnival game booths, built within our gazebo tents. This style of game booth could be commonly scene in night markets around the world.

Here are the 5 games we designed and incorporated into the tents:

Balloon Darts

Player gets 5 darts per try. Upon bursting a certain number of balloons using the darts, player will win different tiers of prizes!

Classic Bucket Ball

All you need is just get 1 ball thrown into the bucket, and stay right in there. You win a prize!

Knock the Cans

Knock all 6 cans down, you win!

Shoot Those Hoops

Throw the ball through the clown’s mouth, seems easy but no!

Toss The Ring

All you need is to land one ring onto the coke bottle, yes just ONE RING! This is the most difficult game out of all 5 game booths.

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