Giant Inflatable Characters

Customized giant inflatables are an unbeatable way for your brand or company to stand out from competitors!

This is perfect as a crowd puller for road shows, fairs, community club events, carnivals, family days—both indoor and outdoor! Traditional marketing tools like banners & posters works, but the inflatable does it better.

Make a statement about your business with how you choose to advertise!

We can make inflatables in almost any conceivable shapes, from people to animals to objects. Our designers will work out a 3D graphic before manufacturing it to life. Bring your company mascot to life? We can do it.

Want an inflatable product that truly attracts crowd? We can definitely do that!

Inflatable character balloons as some will call them, can be also customized to any shape and sizes.

Custom inflatable logo & mascots

We create custom branded inflatables for corporate and promotional events. Build instant brand awareness and engagement through our custom advertising inflatables! Our entire range of amusement bouncy castles can also be purchased with your company name and logo.

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