Halloween Theme Carnival Games

We had the opportunity to create these cute Halloween theme games for our client last week!

The entire process took us approximately 3 week, from the drawing board to carpentry work and the designs. Ultimately, we are very satisfied with the outcome.

Pumpkin Burst

Here we have, the classic darts and balloons carnival game booth. Recreated into the Halloween pumpkin version.


“Casper” milk can toss, how bout that?

Hoop the Clown

Alright we plead guilty. This game booth is already in our inventory list. You got to agree that clowns falls into the Halloween category too… right?

Shoot the Zombies

Nerf gun ready, lets shoot down the Zombies!

This is one of our proudest carpentry work, everything was made from scratched. Took us awhile to find the proper hinge to pivot the zombies back and forth.

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