How much does it cost to rent a claw machine in Singapore?

Retailing claw machines, a money-grabbing opportunity in Singapore

Such machines are fast becoming ubiquitous at public spaces such as shopping malls & restaurants. As much as us knowing that these machines had penetrated the retail market, rental is also another money making opportunity.

“This business didn’t demand much time from us. We hired some staff to take care of the machines. That’s about it.”

– Claw Machine Arcade Owner in Singapore

Rental business (to corporate clients)

This is one of the creative methods for crowd pulling, and corporate clients love to use them for roadshows. Rental of claw machines are consider minor expenditures to attract people to find out more about their services and programmes.

So, how much does it cost to rent a claw machine in Singapore?

Typically, it costs $600-$800 to rent a claw machine for a day or 2. It includes transportation of the heavy machine, setting up and simple troubleshooting guides provided by the rental company. As mentioned, clients are usually large corporations, banks & insurance companies.

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