Mikado; Retro Game Center in Tokyo, Japan (MUST VISIT!)

Japanese game centers are must visit places on any trip to Japan, but in Tokyo, there is a place where you can time warp back to the 1980s and 1990s and play those games of the past, too. Since Japan was the leader in arcade game programming and machine production, the culture stretches back decades and those old machines are still in use!

Why do these retro arcade games and game centers still exist in Japan?

In the USA, the arcade culture rapidly declined when the game consoles gained wide popularity, especially in the early 1990s, but in Japan, arcades or game center culture continued because it was more about the experience than the games itself. It was a place to go, hang out with friends, be a hero! There were many kinds of games from classic arcades to driving simulation games to dancing and rhythm games. Gamers from the 1980s are not in their 30s, 40s or 50s and they keep coming, playing those games from the past and thats great because it means we can all stop in and experience arcades games like we did as kids.

Where is Mikado (Retro Game Center)


Station: Takadanobaba

Super Potato | Retro Console Games in Akihabara:


Games featured in this episode:

  • OUT RUN (1986) Sega Tokyo Wars (1996)
  • Namco Star Wars (1983)
  • Atari Metal Hawk (1988) Namco

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