Pony Theme Birthday Party

Kayla’s Birthday is on the Saturday

It was friday night, and the team arranged the items to be delivered at 9pm. To ensure smooth operation and a successful party on the actual day, we tested the machines at our client’s place (the night before).

So as you can see, the children are very excited about the Toy Catcher Machine that mummy rented for the party. It’s a pink doll house design, with 22 pony plushies inside. Each pony for each child to bring home on the actual day!

Day 2

We went back to the venue at 11am, with 4 hours set up time before the guests arrive at 3pm. First thing to check, Claw Machine. And yes it will working fine, no missing plushies too!

Weather was perfect for our Shark Missile bouncy castle too! Client has a nice garden behind her house for us to pump up this inflatable, how cool is that?

And of course, the dessert table! We designed a unicorn/pony colour theme dessert table for Kayla. The organic balloon backdrop is complemented by silver foil mylar to create a complete backdrop for our dessert table. We bought cupcakes, customized some pokies and kitkats, which are children’s favourite. Happy birthday Kayla! Hope you love it.

At 2.30pm, our part timers arrived to mend the Popcorn & Candy Floss station!

Balloon sculpting was done by the Balloon Ranger!

(P.S. we forgotten to take photos of him in action)

Games were hosted by Mr Kelvin the Game Master

Once again; Happy 7th Birthday Kayla!

Thanks Yeeting for having us!