Popular Carnival Snacks

From community events, birthday party celebrations, to company road shows, events are everywhere.

One thing most events will have, are carnival snacks. These snacks are low cost, addictive and they company you around for little nibbles. Out of the hundreds of selections, 3 of which are most popular among Singaporeans. And they are our hottest rental live stations:

Popcorn & Candyfloss

Everyone and anyone will just relate these snacks to any festivals or funfairs. They are no doubt, a must have for any events out there!

Churros Live Station

Churros has been gaining popularity in recent years. Commonly found in western countries, these snacks are also known as western youtiaos (dough fritters). Topped with sugar and cinnamon powder, it’s something that when you start eating and you could never get enough.

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Carnival Food Stall