Why Do Kids Get Obsessed?


Once they get a taste, children from age 3 to 10 may get obsessed about any given thing, such as superheroes, princesses or robots. Kids also watch the same video/shows repeatedly or request the same bedtime story time and again.

What we found out after organizing countless of kids parties

We realized that children REALLY do not mind us repeating our routines again and again. In fact, their reaction gets even better upon seeing it for the second and then the third time!

Children just want to have fun!

This may sound obvious but children love to have fun and fun stuff gets them obsessed. Oh, on the other hand, boring stuff brings down their attention span tremendously! Such as you know; homework and studies.

And sometimes that obsession stays with you even til you’re a grown-up.

Here’s a video of a girl who is obsessed with sloths, got surprised with a REAL sloth!