Zoom your events | Offline to Online

Since the start of COVID-19, safety measure has been taken seriously, almost all industries have been affected by it and everything has been moved to the online platform. We didn’t know the power of the online platform until the outbreak of COVID-19. 

So how do events move from offline to online? With the help of current technologies, we can connect with the people using zoom which allows many people to join in the conversation with video calls.

Here’s how events shift from offline to online and still able to entertain the crowd without fail.

Emcees still able to engage the viewers by hosting a weekly interview of people from different industries via video call.

Live video by using Zoom, whereby the host can share the link to their guest to enter the chat to watch live performances from the entertainer.

A live tutorial will be host using a video call, the instructor will teach step by step on how to construct fun and easy games using recycle/daily items from home. Not only learning a new skill, it enhance the family bonding as well.

Although we can’t see each other face to face, but with the current technologies it still brings us together, and as an event organizer we will still provide you the best event experience online!

Stay safe everyone!